About Us

Skipsafe is a skip cover long overdue in the construction industry and simplicity personified.

Its inventor, Mick Gething, owned a successful building company for over 35 years with a speciality in roofing and detailed lead work (a proud LCA Member for 15+ years) As such, he spent many years on roofs stripping felt and lead and dumping it down the rubbish chute. The skip at the bottom was invariably in a busy public place as many of Mick's clients were high street names such as Woolworths, Abbey National, Nationwide and the First Leisure Corporation.

Sick and tired of using old ply wood, doors and anything else that created a barrier between the rubbish and general public  - Mick took it upon himself to design and develop a universal skip cover that would not only protect people from any flying debris, but prevent fly tipping AND safeguard his public liability insurance in today's increasingly litigious society.

Patents were filed for and approved and prototypes ensued. Extensive and extremely successful testing was conducted to heights of over 13 storeys (100+ft!) and the method of attachment (chute to cover) was perfected. There were numerous interested businesses ranging from specialist roofing contractors and skip hire companies to refurbishing companies -  everything was on track.

In January 2012 Mick was diagnosed with an extremely advanced and aggressive form of cancer. He passed away in March of the same year, aged 59, leaving his wife Diane and two children Lizzie and Steven.

An idea too good to forget and with so much hard work already carried out, Mick's family managed to find sufficient funding to make the necessary tweaks and updates to the original skip cover design to offer what is today, the most complete and durable bespoke skip cover available on the market.

Now available in a multitude of sizes and specifications to cover ALL health and safety requirements in one simple cost effective solution, not to mention endless branding and advertising opportunities, Skip Safe will quickly become the only choice for the building industry.